The Art of Brad Payne

"Far exceeded my expectations, a true artist. I Have already recommended friends to get work done. Absolutely stoked with how my tins turned out"

Grant Stevens

Whether It’s a standard Harley Davidson or a full blown custom chopper, let Brad take your ideas and make them a reality!

Early on in Brad’s career, studying and becoming proficient in photo realism was his main focus. He painted commission based portraits for clients at home in Australia and also abroad on his travels around the globe.

From a young age Brad has been creating alternate realities from imagination that are often ominous and strange, a unique reflection of the sometimes crazy and overwhelming world we live in.

Although Brad has his home base studio in Melbourne, his roots of being a nomadic traveler are still strong. 20 countries and counting, he’s left a paint trail of wall murals and commissions around the globe from Europe to Africa and Central America, opportunities to travel and create are too good to pass up!

See how it's done

Get an inside view of what goes into one of Brad’s artworks, from pencil drawings and photo realistic portraits to custom motorcycle paintjobs, view videos and step by step progress pics.

  • 55 Hudsons road, Spotswood, Vic, 3015
  • +61412520488
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