Who is Brad Payne?

Brad next to his winning “Best Contemporary Painting” at the Bayside Art Show in 2015

Brad is a 32 year old Melbourne based artist who, without sounding cliche, lives and breaths his art and has done so for the entirety of his life.

Whether it’s airbrushing award winning custom motorcycles, painting photo realistic portrait commissions,  traveling and painting murals all over the world or working on his own unique surreal drawings and paintings, there is always something coming out of his studio that sets new standards in detail, creativity and quality.

“As of 2017, I’m focusing my efforts on custom motorcycle paintjobs while in Melbourne, Australia until March. With a growing client base and a few awards under my belt, I’m throwing my own unique style into the mix of  show bikes and customized Harley Davidsons on the roads and at shows”

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“The Wasp” custom chopper on display at the Melbourne Tattoo convention, 2015.

Studio and Workshop Location

55 Hudson Road, Spotswood, Vic, 3015

Artist Statement

“I see the world as an immensely complex and interconnected weave of magic that can’t truly be fathomed in this 5 sense, 3 dimensional reality. I can’t limit myself to only one method of creating art so I choose to use varies tools and mediums to create. I paint, draw and sculpt from the heart and my unconventional perception of the world has always been naturally expressed in a surrealistic way. Tortured souls, intricate detail, water in all it’s forms, love, pain, beauty and our bizarre obsessions, religion and our impending doom as we disconnect from everything that shaped who we are. I may be cynical but only through my art can I express my conception of the world, which inspires me to create imagery that tells a story that’s often bizarre or ominous. In reality, the art that comes from within is just an extension of my thoughts and feelings. Ones that you may have had yourself.”

Brad Payne


Brad has been creating art of all kinds since he was about 4 years of age. Drawing comics, playing with clay and painting his surfboards, there was always something to do. During school, the only subject he would never skip was art and it’s here where he found the airbrush. He fell in love with the softness and detail attainable with this somewhat forgotten art tool.


Being a rebellious kid, university or college was definitely not part of the plan so after finishing school and learning to airbrush in his mum’s garage, he ended up landing a job as the artist for world renowned surfcraft company Dolphin Surfcraft in 2002 at age 18. It was four years of crazy fun growing up the Gold Coast and over 2000 surfboards later that after a surf trip to Indonesia, the travel bug bit. In 2006 he had resigned from Dolphin and booked an open ended ticket to Canada to continue exploring the world.


From 2006 to 2012 life was lived experiencing different countries, cultures, jobs, relationships all accompanied with his airbrush equipment, pencils and sketchbook. Living a true nomadic artist’s lifestyle bouncing from country to country picking up work wherever the opportunities arose it was the most rewarding and challenging years spent thus far.


Among being the resident artist for 7 months in a hostel in Vancouver he created murals in Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Greece, Morocco, painted surfboards in Canada, Australia and the Canary Islands in between spending a few years working on luxury yachts for multi millionaires but the desire to pursue art led him back to his roots and eventually giving up the sea life.



After returning back to Australia in 2013, he landed a job as a motorcycle spray painter where he honed his skills and gained invaluable knowledge about automotive paint technology. After a year of working there he left to pursue art full time and has been doing ever since working on all kinds of projects from family portraits, exhibiting in group and solo shows, interior murals, large scale artwork for restaurants, painting inflatable sculptures for festivals and Cirque Du Soleil and custom motorcycle artwork.


2013- Winner of the Victorian Airjam Speed Airbrush Sprint Challenge
2014- Highly Commended, Hobson Bay Art Show
2015- Best Contemporary Painting, Bayside Art Show